Trainee Supervision: Support For Our Trainees

The term “supervision” takes on a different meaning in the context of psychotherapy. Supervision is a therapeutic/mentoring process where trainees and qualified practitioners may share their anxieties and any concerns arising from their work with clients. At the same time, supervision includes advise on case management where necessary. Supervision is provided by qualified and experienced practitioners specially trained to give supervision.

Supervision is an essential component of practice and forms part of your clinical hypnotherapy qualification. ASCH provides group supervision throughout the Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma training course. On graduation, ongoing supervision is provided on a subsidised basis alongside practice groups and sessions.

Other learning institutions do not always provide this service; their students have to source and pay for supervision sessions in addition to their course fees. ASCH recognises this as an essential part of your training and so includes supervision sessions within your course fees.

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