We have learned what our trainees believe is important and what they want from a clinical hypnotherapy training course

And we guarantee to provide it…

  • We are committed to the aspiration of empowering you to empower others
  • Accelerated teaching methods and maintaining best in-class practices mean that you learn fast and have the capability to implement your new skills immediately
  • ASCH regularly reviews and amends the training programmes to keep abreast of developments in the professions
  • ASCH training programmes and coursework are independently accredited by recognised industry professionals
  • On graduation you will be an already experienced therapist
  • We will provide guidance and inspiration for your future practice and specialisation
  • We will provide a comprehensive curriculum to include analytical models in our class-based courses
  • Your training will consist of both practical and academic learning in a safe, motivational and confidential environment
  • You will practise on real client issues during supervised class sessions
  • In addition, external clients will be invited towards the end of your training to provide even more practical experience

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